Yokefellowship Prison Ministry

Lehigh Valley Council

Yokefellowship Prison Ministry - Lehigh Valley Council

PO Box 3114, Wescosville, PA  18106 - 610-820-8469


For those discharged from Prison, Yokefellowship offers meetings every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:00 PM at Trinity Baptist Church, 689 S. Hillview Road, Allentown, PA, Phone 610-820-8469 for more information. Having laid a basic foundation of Christian principles and claiming the lordship of Jesus Christ in his life, the inmate, upon discharge from prison, may continue the fellowship begun while attending the weekly group meetings in prison with additional Yokefellowship services. To meet the needs of inmates who have been released, Yokefellowship Prison Ministry offers the following services:

Continuous group meetings One-on-One counseling
Clothing needs Help in locating a church
Food Bank Other personal needs

These services are available upon request and all that is necessary is for the discharged person to phone the Yokefellowship office and ask for help or needs that are of interest.  The most important fact to realize is that Yokefellowship provides the support to begin to live a new life in Christ and only with Jesus can all things become possible rather than trying to do it “my way” and, in time, repeating the mistakes that will lead back to prison.